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Orange County Special Angels Rodeo

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Orange County Special Angels Rodeo started with a dream.


No one knew in January 2014 that a dream would actually happen. In the movie "Field of Dreams", one of the cherished lines of the movie is, "If you build it, they will come." This is a statement totally built on Faith. Great things begin to happen when God lays an idea on your heart, and that is how this story begins. When you have such a strong idea or a yearning to bring to life and event like this, you look for "HOW?" The answer, with prayer and whole lot of faith.


We felt that God was guiding us. His message was, "Follow me, and I will make it happen!" And he did.


Everything that has been done for our Special Angels, is done through the hand of God. We give him ALL of the Glory for this special event. We would like to thank all of the people who have joined us on this extraordinary journey to make this event so special for all of the participants, families, and caregivers.


What started off as a dream, became a first year event that hosted nearly 100 participants from around Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. That inaugural event took place at the Orange County Sheriff's Posse Arena. Modified rodeo events, carnival games, food, lots of goodies, and a whole lot of fun awaited our participants. God also blessed us financially, providing more funding than we ever dreamed possible. This allowed us to bless others, even outside of the arena and outside of our one day event. We were able to sponsor other organizations events, while also making donations to area schools and organizations to help further their programs. We felt that was a huge success for a first year event.


A year later, God continued to bless us. We once again surpassed our fundraising goals. Our second rodeo found us in a new home, the T2 Arena and Event Center, a state of the art facility offering approximately 63,000 square feet of covered space and improved parking. We played host to approximately 300 participants, about three times what we saw in our first year. Our approximately 40 coordinators and committee members were joined by 297 volunteers. New games were added to our lineup, additional equipment eased the wait for various activities, we had a petting zoo for the first time, and everyone who attended, including participants, families, volunteers, and spectators, were fed a free meal.


Our last rodeo, held in 2019, played host to nearly 350 participants, more than 500 volunteers, and countless family members, caretakers, and spectators. More than 2,500 servings of food were handed out, free of charge, to those on site. Dozens of games and activities were available for our participants to enjoy. It was a great day and we were looking forward to hosting an even bigger and better event in event. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 rodeo causing heartbreak for our team, our participants, and our volunteers. It was a hard decision for our team to make, but the safety of our participants will always be our number one priority.


Now in our eighth year, it is our prayer that God will continue to bless us and allow us to touch even more lives. Our event is open to all special needs individuals regardless of age, disability, county/parish of residency, race, religious background, or socioeconomic level. Everyone is welcome.

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